Most Important Commonly used Materials Management Standard Reports

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Refer to the below Materials Management commonly used standard reports.

Inventory Management

MB24: Reservations for Material

MB51: Material Document List

MB52: List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand

MB53: Display Plant Stock Availability

MB54: Consignment Stocks

MB58: Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer

MB59: Material Document List

MB5B: Stocks for Posting Date

MB5L: List of Stock Values: Balances

MB5S: Display List of GR/IR Balances

MB5W: List of Stock Values

MBGR: Display Material Document by Movement Reason

MBSM: Display Cancelled Material Document

MMBE: Stock Overview

MR51: Material Line Items

MB5T: Stock in Transit CC

Inventory Management – Inventory Information Systems – Material

MC.9: INVCO: Material Analysis Selection, Stock

MC.A: INVCO: Material Analysis Selection, Rec/Iss

Purchasing – General

ME2O: SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)

ME80: Purchasing Reporting

ME81: Analysis of Order Values

MKVZ: List of Vendors: Purchasing

ME80F: Purchasing Reporting: Purchase Orders

Purchasing – Purchase Requisitions

ME5A:List Display of Purchase Requisitions

ME5K: Purchase Requisitions per Account Assignment

Purchasing – Purchase Order

ME2S: Services Per Purchase Orders

ME2B: Purchase Orders by Requirement Tracking Number

ME2C: Purchase Orders by Material Group

ME2K: Purchase Orders by Account Assignment

ME2L: Purchase Orders by Vendor

ME2M: Purchase Orders by Material

ME2N: Purchase Orders by PO Number

ME2W: Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant

Purchasing – Outline Purchase Agreements 

ME3C: Outline Agreements by Material Group

ME3K: Outline Agreements by Account Assignmen

ME3L: Outline Agreements per Vendor

ME3M: Outline Agreement by Material

ME3N: Outline Agreements by Agreement No

Purchasing – Source List 

ME06: Analyze Source List

ME0M: Source List for Material

Purchasing – Purchasing Info Records

ME1L: Info Records Per Vendor

ME1M: Info Record Per Material

ME1P: Purchase Order Price History

ME1W: Info Records Per Material Group

Purchasing – Quota Arrangement

MEQM: Quota Arrangement for Material

Purchasing – Purchasing Information System – Material Pricing Group

MC$<: PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection

MC$>: PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection

MC$0: PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection

Purchasing – Service Entry Sheet

ML84: List of Service Entry Sheets

MSRV3: Service List for Purchase Order

Logistics Basic Data – Material Master

MM50: List Extendable Materials

MM60: Materials List


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