Getting Started with BTP Private Link Service for Azure


24th of Nov 2021: SAP introduced hostname feature for PLS. Going forward host names  are used instead of private IPs.

17th of Dec 2021: SAP introduced new ProxyType “PrivateLink” config for Destinations. It allows cleaner setup compared to misleading label “Internet” as before. Cloud SDK does not support it yet though. Furthermore, there is now support for MariaDB and MySQL as PaaS options on Azure. See the official SAP docs and blog post for more details.

Dear community,

I am running a series of blog posts around the topic of #SAP Private Link service with Azure. My primary goal is sharing service implementation experience and possible applications of this new BTP service, that is currently in SAP Beta. Ideally it gives you a kickstart into your own journey of private connectivity on BTP.

To be clear: the Azure part of the mix is generally available (GA), only SAP’s implementation that exposes that service to BTP and ultimately to you as a customer is in beta state.

Of we go to link what was meant to be linked, I solemnly pinkie swear – private linky I mean 😉

Going forward I will always refer to BTP Private Link Service in short with PLS.

Find you way around the blog series with below tables.

VM-based scenarios with PLS (Azure Standard Load Balancer required)

Jul 24, 2021: Session from SAP on Azure YouTube Channel (early stages of PLS beta! Narrative in the series evolved over time)

Azure PaaS scenarios with PLS

Part 1 Understanding connectivity options to Azure PaaS from BTP (soon to be published) Describes Azure PaaS connectivity options from BTP illustrated with an example app consuming MySQL on Azure deployed in CloudFoundry environment.

Official references

SAP docs

SAP announcements

Microsoft docs

Find all artifacts from the series on my GitHub repos here.

As always feel free to ask lots of follow-up questions.