SAP Analytics Cloud Currency Conversion with Conversion Measure and Currency Variable – new Model

In this blog we will look at the possibilities of currency conversion in the new SAP Analytics Cloud Model and compare “in Story Calculation” and the new conversion with “Conversion Measures” and “Currency Varibales”.

With currency conversion in SAP Analytics Cloud, it is possible to report and plan in different currencies. The use of “Conversion Measures” and “Currency Variables” allows new possibilities of application and extends the previous “in story” calculations.

For our example we need

  • a planning model,
  • a currency conversion table and
  • a story.

At the very beginning we set up the conversion table for our currency rates in SAP Analytics Cloud “Currency Conversions”.


Figure 1: Conversion table for currency rates. This also includes the currency scenarios, such as here “Specific FC2020”.

Second, we build a very small SAP Analytics Cloud planning model. The model (New Model) consists of an account dimension with profit and loss structure. In addition, an organization dimension with companies in different countries and currencies. One currency is assigned to each company (Local Currency). Other setups are possible, but in this example we will keep it simple.


Figure 2: Model with account, company, time dimension and the measure M2 with currency type.


Figure 3: The entity dimension with the currencies set per unit


Figure 4: The account dimension with profit and loss structure (simplified)

After the base model is built, a “Conversion Measure” can be created in our model.


Figure 5: Creating the Conversion Measure for an in Model Calculation

In a story, we use the table to view our model. To do this, we create a table with the company and accounts in the rows and version, measure and date in the columns.


Figure 6: A new story on our model and selecting the Conversion Measure.

Before we use the “Currency Variable”, we will create an “in Story” currency conversion for comparison.


Figure 7: Create in story calculation for currency conversion

Now we apply the currency variable and see the different possibilities of the two conversion variants. With the currency variable we have the possibilities to set the report currency via the filter function. Each conversion variant stored in the currency table can be reported or analyzed directly. The old variant only allowed the conversion set or selected in each case.


Figure 7: Use of the currency variable

With the new SAP Analytics Cloud Model and the “Conversion Measure” plus “Currency Variable”, new possibilities of currency simulation and exchange rate conversion come into use. The structure used here shows a variant of the modeling and can be used as an idea or introduction.

Many thanks for your interest in the topic and I hope you like it. Please share your feedback in the comments and let me know if you have any questions.

Stay tuned and stay healthy,