Intelligent Lookup – Video end2end walk through and DIY exercise

SAP just launched Intelligent Lookup in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to let business harmonize data with ease where standard techniques fail.

Quite a few pieces of content have been shared so far, but if you are not the reading type, you might prefer our new 20′ in-depth overview & detailed demo of Intelligent Lookup. It compares database join & Intelligent Lookup for a concrete, real-world data harmonization case on geo enrichment. You’ll see in detail how Intelligent Lookup solves the case in no time where even experienced SQL coders would have thrown the towel.

See for yourself:

Try it out on your own!

You can follow along with the exampleof the video by downloading the example data, uploading them as CSV in your DWC system and then following along with the steps of the video.

Good luck! We are curious to hear about your feedback in the comments!