How to set up RTI for order based planning in SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Since release 2111, you can finally use real-time integration (RTI) to exchange data between SAP ECC or S/4HANA with IBP-order based planning (OBP).

There was a webinar “Meet the Expert: IBP Real Time Integration” showing the architecture and how the data flow works with system demo on November 18th, with recording and PDF.

Plus there was a part in the webinar “What’s New SAP IBP 2111 Part 2: Business Process Planning Applications (Demand, Inventory, etc.)” on October 13th with recording and PDF (pages 74-82)

To set up OBP with RTI, you need to set up cloud connector and execute a couple of steps such as setting up communication arrangements or copy a planning area from sample SAP7F

Most of these steps have been demonstrated in the webinar “IBP for Consultants: How to Setup Real-Time Integration” from Dec 9th (PDF and Recording)
During the webinar, all steps have been shown according to a checklist I prepared that contains transactions and app names, links to screenshots and links to the relevant online help, etc. In addition it contains a column for the responsible team that usually performs the respective step.

And there are two very important OSS notes describing the 3106619 – SAP IBP Real-time integration – Notes for installation and the 3110007 – IBP Real-time Integration: Information/Restrictions.

Attached to the release restrictions note, we have added the RTI setup checklist that was used in the how-to-webinar. We will not add the checklist to the webinar documents as that is a living document which will be updated whenever necessary in the OSS note. So don’t forget to mark that note as a favorite in order to get informed whenever there is an update!

My recommendation:

  1. Read the two OSS notes above and download the checklist
  2. Watch the architecture recording from Nov. 18th
  3. Watch the relevant part of What’s New from Oct. 13th
  4. Read briefly through the checklist to check which of your teams you need to get involved and to get a rough overview
  5. Watch the how-to-recording from Dec. 9th and try to compare directly with the checklist

And please, if you have any feedback to the checklist, good or suggestions for improvement, we would appreciate if you post your findings here or reach out to product management or me.