Counting on Microsoft Edge

*delivered with the next Business Client version 8.0

Microsoft Edge WebView2 control is a version of Chromium with regular platform updates to the latest Chromium features and automated security patches (optional).

Chromium is the browser engine that most mainstream browsers now use for HTML rendering.

Using Microsoft Edge Web View2 control has the following benefits:

  • improved quality
  • improved security
  • easy maintenance
  • a future-proof solution

It also means that you can liberate yourself from the Cef Chromium control open source component.

All you need to do is install the new web control. Updates will then be retrieved directly from Microsoft as with the standalone Microsoft Edge web browser.

How to do it – see here:

SAP Business Client for Desktop Installation – SAP Help Portal

More Benefits of using Microsoft Edge Web View2 and SAP Business Client 7.70:

The Dynamic Browser Control Selection

Using SAP Business Client 7.70 with the Chromium browser control for rendering HTML content, you can run different browser tabs with different browser controls at the same time. You can thus choose the ideal browser control for each target application (for example using ActiveX).

See more:

Using SAP Business Client with Dynamic Browser Control Selection – SAP Help Portal

Note: Cef Chromium will be supported until 2.4. 2024