Christmas fun 2021

Dear community, at the request of our dear Jelena Perfiljeva, there is also a Christmas blog this year. Since I have really little time at the moment, I quickly made a little maze game for you and your children or for the children among the adults 🙂

I assembled it using Notepad, ASCII characters, Notepad’s replace function, GitHub’s emojis, and Markdown. Here is the link to the GitHub repository. On GitHub, the Markdown emojis are interpreted and the maze is displayed. You should watch it with GitHub dark theme or you really risk your eyes 😉

Ok, here’s the story: “Santa Claus is taking a nap. He doesn’t dream of a winter wonderland, but of a maze. In this maze, 3 elves and 6 Christmas tree balls have been lost. Can Santa find them all?

For the math cracks among the SAP Community members: Minimizes Santa’s number of steps to the smallest amount required. And please don’t ask me the number, I have really no idea …

For the lazy players among the SAP Community members: Make a game hack and put a teleporter in front of evey elf and Christmas tree ball.

And now, have fun 🙂

Enjoy Christmas and start the new year healthy 🙂