Compliance with SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Change Documents

Compliance with SAP S/4HANA Cloud:

Organizations are continuously challenged in meeting the heterogeneous regulatory requirements of the various countries where they are conducting business on local and global level.

As there is no compromise on compliance to ensure that the company assets are properly protected as well as the investments of customer, partners and shareholders / investors – organizations have to establish necessary risk management and control functions.

This blog provides an overview on how SAP supports its customers in their compliance efforts. We provide insights on a general structure and approach to facilitate necessary control actions.

Today, we look at ‘Show Change Documents’ in the area of Business Audit, Financial Accounting Compliance.


Show Change Documents:

This application provides the change logs of multiple Business Objects including the audit relevant information – User, Date, Time, Change Type, Old Value & New Value. The list of supported Business Objects is available via the value help of ‘Change Document Object’ Field.

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Launch application ‘Show Change Documents’:

The value help of ‘Change Document Object’ can be used to select the required object:

Select the relevant Change Document Object, respective timeframe and click on Execute:

The list of detailed change logs (for Insert, Delete and Change) will be displayed for the selected timeframe: