SAP GUI Security Pop-up (Action Denied)

How to fix SAP GUI Security Pop Up when server action get denied for the file(object type)?

Generally users sees the below popup along with the error:

Error%20screenshot%201                                                              Error screenshot 1

                                                              Error screenshot 2

How to fix it

  1. From the SAP Logon pad select the folder icon as shown below & select “options”Screenshot%201
  2. Then select Security folder & click on Security settings & Make sure it’s status is selected as “customized”
  3. Select open security configuration & search for the object name which you get in the error screen, try to select & edit.
  4. Select action as context dependent/ Allow & click on OK & Apply.
  5. Voila!!, your access issue should be fixed.

So, next time you get a access denied issue like this, you can follow the steps as mentioned.

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