SAP Task Center is now available in SAP Mobile Start

Here’s what the integration of SAP Task Center in SAP Mobile Start means for you and your business. 

SAP Task Center functionality is available in SAP Mobile Start from version 1.1. In this blog post, I would like to give you an overview of SAP Task Center and explain what this will mean for you when using SAP’s applications on your mobile devices. 

What is SAP Task Center? 

SAP Task Center is an infrastructure kernel service on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP It enables integration with SAP applications to provide all your assigned workflows tasks in one place. The tasks can be accessed through the SAP Task Center Web application. In version 1.1 the SAP applications that are integrated with Task Center are: SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactores.

Using SAP Task Center on mobile devices with SAP Mobile Start:

Workflow approvals are great example of situations in which people must interact with multiple business processes and access data and applications from various systems.  


Today’s approval experience – Scenario 1


Today’s approval experience – Scenario 2

Even on a desktop, this can be quite challenging when approvals are scattered across multiple solutions – not even talking about transferring this into a mobile environment yet. Complexity would simply be too high to provide a delightful process for running a workflow approval. This now changes with the launch of SAP Task Center. 

It facilitates approval flows in the web application and also can be added as a tile within the SAP Mobile Start app.Through this, you can now access tasks within the new “To Do” screen on SAP Mobile Start and you can process them in just one tap. You do no longer need to install numerous Inboxes from various applications.  


To Do screen


Quick actions


Task details

At a glance – here are the key features of the SAP Task Center integration with SAP Mobile Start:

  • View all your assigned tasks – workflow tasks from multiple SAP solutions are gathered in one list by the SAP Task Center service. You can find the items that require your  in one screen and will have an overview of items with pending actions.
  • Use quick actions to quickly process your task – tapping the three dots on the top-right corner of the chosen task will open the quick action menu.You can process a task with only one tap, which then will remove the task from your To Do screen.
  • Access task information and available actions in

How to integrate SAP Task Center 

SAP TAsk Center is activated per sub-account on SAP BTP. Refer to the help page to see how SAP Task Center service can be activated using a booster/guided-procedure to accelerate the configuration and to integrate it with SAP applications. Any SAP Launchpad service site defined on this sub-account and thereby SAP Mobile Start app connecting to those sites will have access to SAP Task Centrer functionality. Any user with the SAP Task Center web application tile on their launchpad site will also get the “To Do” screen activated on their mobile app. 


SAP Task Center Service



Mobile doesn’t simply facilitate access to enterprise apps on a smaller screen, It can provide an experience that brings a lot of opportunities and is an essential part of a users’ lifestyle. Every new functionality should improve the previous experience and make your life easier. The SAP Task Center functionality in SAP Mobile Start is another important step to bring SAP’s mobile experience to the next level and provide what you need intuitively in one place. 

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