SUGRail and RAM Dec 2021 virtual event: blog and discussion thread

A SUGRail blog and Q&A with Alicia Gutierrez, Anja Engelhardt & Johann Schachtner

Dear Rail and Transit company participants in the SUGRail Community,

Welcome to this blog for the SUGRail virtual events that is planned for Dec 1 – 2021.

This blog is a “discussion thread” to enable the speakers, panelists and participants to exchange ideas and topics related to the SUGRail event in the SAP community.

In true SUGRail theme of networking, learning and exchanging ideas, please feel free to respond to this blog and engage with the community.

As a quick summary: 

This time, the SUGRail virtual event is focused on 3 key aspects for a successful S/4HANA migration. These are strategic and technical topics that the railway community has identified pertaining to current state of the communities’ journey in the S/4HANA space.

The first is in regards to Data management & governance. Here the speakers from SAP and DSB (Danish Railways) will share their experiences and approaches. In addition they will be joined by panelist from various railways, including DB (German Railways), SBB (Swiss Railways) and STIB-MIVB (Brussels Transportation company) to have a lively discussion on topic.

In the second session, Data analytics architecture and end user impact, with the need for understanding several SAP and non-SAP data, and charting a strategy, we will hear from SAP on the latest thinking on SAP’s strategy for data management. We are also very glad that DB (German railways) will share their approach on Data Intelligence.

Finally, In the age of cloud delivery of solutions and new approaches to continuous integration and continuous delivery, the topic of Agile implementation & Devops have become strategic to railways. Here we have a Railway (DB, German Railways), a SAP Partner (Almaviva) and SAP providing insights on the latest in the space. This will be followed by a panel that they will be joined from Trenes Argentinos, DSB (Danish Railways), Riyadh Metro and SBB (Swiss Railways).

Please feel free to interact, respond and raise questions below on this blog so as we can have a ‘living’ blog to discuss on this virtual event.

As a start, for panelists, speakers and participants:

Can you select, from your experience & knowledge, one topic as a recommendation for rail companies that are planning their transformational S/4HANA move? Please feel free to reply on this thread below… (Thanks!)