Performance improvement for the SAP Menu in SAP Fiori Launchpad in multiple languages

If you’re using the SAP Menu in the SAP Fiori Launchpad you might be aware of the SAP Notes:

That ask you to run the report /UI2/EAM_BUILD_CACHE. If you have multiple languages installed that can be quite cumbersome as you have to execute the report in each of the installed languages. To get arround this issue I’ve created the following helper report that schedules a job in all installed languages:

*& Wrap /UI2/EAM_BUILD_CACHE to execute for multiple languages
*& Created by Gregor Wolf
REPORT zbc_flp_eam_build_cache. CONSTANTS prefix TYPE tbtcjob-jobname VALUE 'ZBC_FLP_EAM_BUILD_CACHE'. DATA tt002 TYPE t002.
DATA languages TYPE TABLE OF t002.
DATA own_language TYPE spras.
DATA message TYPE string. DATA: number TYPE tbtcjob-jobcount, name TYPE tbtcjob-jobname, print_parameters TYPE pri_params. SELECT-OPTIONS s_langu FOR tt002-spras. START-OF-SELECTION. own_language = sy-langu. SELECT * FROM t002 LEFT JOIN t002c ON t002~spras = t002c~spras INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE @languages WHERE t002~spras IN @s_langu AND t002c~lainst = 'X' ORDER BY t002~spras. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE / 'No active languages installed'. ENDIF. LOOP AT languages ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<language>). WRITE: / 'Building EAM Cache for language: ', <language>-spras. name = prefix && |_| && <language>-laiso. CALL FUNCTION 'JOB_OPEN' EXPORTING jobname = name IMPORTING jobcount = number EXCEPTIONS cant_create_job = 1 invalid_job_data = 2 jobname_missing = 3 OTHERS = 4. IF sy-subrc = 0. SUBMIT /ui2/eam_build_cache TO SAP-SPOOL SPOOL PARAMETERS print_parameters WITHOUT SPOOL DYNPRO VIA JOB name NUMBER number LANGUAGE <language>-spras AND RETURN. IF sy-subrc = 0. CALL FUNCTION 'JOB_CLOSE' EXPORTING jobcount = number jobname = name strtimmed = 'X' EXCEPTIONS cant_start_immediate = 1 invalid_startdate = 2 jobname_missing = 3 job_close_failed = 4 job_nosteps = 5 job_notex = 6 lock_failed = 7 OTHERS = 8. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE / 'There was a error scheduling the Job'. ENDIF. ELSE. DATA(msg) = cl_abap_submit_handling=>get_error_message( ). MESSAGE ID msg-msgid TYPE 'I' NUMBER msg-msgno WITH msg-msgv1 msg-msgv2 msg-msgv3 msg-msgv4 INTO message. WRITE / message. WRITE / <language>-laiso. ENDIF. ELSE. WRITE / 'Issue creating a job number'. ENDIF. ENDLOOP.

When you’ve executed this report you should see the following result in SM37: