Transport issue caused by ‘FOR ALL ENTRIES IN’

One program using ‘For All Entries in’ which syntax check is ok as well as test result. But getting below error ‘When you use the addition ‘FOR ALL ENTRIES IN itab…” when trying to transport from Development system to Quality system.

Actually, they’re sharing the exact same data type which is Character with length 8 (Domain PRODH3).

TYPES: BEGIN OF t_mvke, vkorg TYPE vkorg, matnr TYPE matnr, prodh3 type PRODH3, "char8 END OF t_mvke. DATA: gt_mvke TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t_mvke.
... SELECT ... INTO TABLE gt_a948 FROM a948 AS a INNER JOIN konp AS k ON a~knumh EQ k~knumh FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_mvke WHERE a~vkorg EQ gt_mvke-vkorg AND ... AND a~prodh3 EQ gt_mvke-prodh3. "<<<<-----Error line---

In spite of the usage of ‘For all entries in’ for many years, still the first time to encounter this issue. And the fix is easy just use exactly the data type from the fetching table instead of using the data element.

* prodh3 type PRODH3, "char8
prodh3 type a948-PRODH3, "char8

Am I the only one who doesn’t know this? 😀 Btw, check this blog, S4 HANA still supports the SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES statement and sometimes even has better performance than AMDP.

But it’s not recommended at HANA, so please check this for Alternatives of For All Entries.