How to setup an E2E planning process with SAP Analytics Cloud


This blog post shows how to setup a sample end-to-end planning process using SAP Analytics Cloud. For demonstration purposes we kept the scenario of the planning process simple but explained different components in detail.

We also encourage you to try out the capabilities presented by your own and create planning processes at larger scales!

Note, this video already uses the upcoming feature: dependencies. It allows linking calendar tasks to the modeler. In fact, this feature is planned to be released in 2022 QRC1 of SAP Analytics Cloud!


The planning process presented in the video below is split into different chapters to allow you to jump back and forth. A list of existing chapters can be found below, too.

0:00 – Introduction

1:46 – Create Process

5:51 – Stage Data via Data Action Task

8:27 – Unlock Data via Data Locking Task

13:15 – Plan Data via General Task

17:44 – Review Planning via Review Task

21:30 – Lock Data via Data Locking Task

23:36 – Postprocessing via Multi Action Task

26:53 – Conclusion