SAP Commissions & IAG Bundle – IPS [Top-Down Sync Process]

How to Obtain

After purchasing SAP Commissions, you’ll receive two e-mails from SAP. According to your contract with SAP, a technical contact person has been chosen as the first user of the Identity Provisioning service, who is granted with Administrator permissions. In these e-mails from SAP, you’ll find the ID of this administrator (their P- or S-user) and their e-mail address. They can access the Identity Provisioning UI with their user credentials.

Each e-mail from SAP contains also a URL link that you, as an administrator, can use to directly access the Identity Provisioning UI. These two URLs are related to two different Identity Provisioning tenants – the first one you can use for testing purposes, and the second one – for productive provisioning configurations and jobs.

SAP SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance bundle allows you to use the Identity Provisioning service for synchronizing user data between all supported source and target systems. The available source and target systems in this bundle can also be configured as proxy systems for indirect connection to external identity management systems.

How to Obtain

After purchasing SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, if your license includes only SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, you can obtain the Identity Provisioning service as well.

You already have Identity Authentication (a mandatory service), which enables you to sign in and authenticate in the Identity Provisioning UI and within SAP Business Technology Platform.

To obtain Identity Provisioning, you need to create an incident. Follow the steps:

  1. Create an incident to component GRC-IAG (SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance).
  2. Explain that you’ve purchased an SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance product and you require access to the Identity Provisioning service.
  3. Specify the S-user to be assigned as the first administrator of the Identity Provisioning tenants. Later, this S-user can add other users as administrators.

List of available Connectors in IPS

SAP Cloud Solution System Connectors System Type

SAP Commissions Bundle

Identity Authentication

Source, Target, Proxy

SAP Commissions

Source, Target, Proxy

SAP Application Server ABAP

Source, Target, Proxy

SAP S/4HANA On-Premise

Source, Target, Proxy

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Source, Proxy

Microsoft Active Directory

Source, Proxy

Google G Suite

Source, Proxy

SAP Analytics Cloud

Target, Proxy

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance Bundle

All system connectors

Source, Target, Proxy


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