Gain your SAP ASE 16.0 Knowledge Badge

We all love our digital badges, don’t we? A digital badge for professional content offers a visual representation and confirmation of your specific achievement.

You can promote your proficiency in various SAP subject areas using SAP digital badges, alongside traditional qualifications and professional accreditation. These digital badges help making your learning accomplishments visible and verifiable to anyone and everyone and give you a competitive advantage and trusted validation in the market.

Digital badges represent an achieved SAP learning offering or SAP Global Certification, and make learning achievements visible. But what about administrators and consultants for SAP applications on the SAP ASE 16.0 database? Does SAP have a badge for these experts? We hear you!

SAP ASE 16.0 Knowledge Badge

This new knowledge badge validates your fundamental knowledge in the SAP ASE 16.0 Installation, Upgrade, Administration and Monitoring. This badge proves that you have an overall understanding and technical skills to participate in the following activities:

  • DBA Cockpit
  • Fault Manager
  • SAP Host Agent
  • SAP Replication Server
  • Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM)
  • Software Update Manager (SUM)

The assessment for this badge will include questions from all these areas.

How to prepare for the assessment?

The content of the assessment for the SAP ASE 16.0 Knowledge Badge is available in two SAP Learning Journeys. This content is free-to-use, you will need no subscription to watch, lern and train.

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise – Installation and Upgrade

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise – Administration and Monitoring

For the assessment you do not have to study all the guides and how-to documents linked in the Learning Journeys, but you can focus on the videos.

Run the assessment, gain the badge

All assessment for SAP Knowledge Badges are available in the SAP Learning Hub. You need a valid subscription, please check the available editions and subscriptions.

There are several possibilities to find the link to start the assessment:

  1. Use the tile ‘Gain your badge’ in the Learning Journey
  2. Browse the Credly badge collection of SAP
  3. Just search for it directly in the SAP Learning Hub

Let’s get started, explore the SAP ASE Learning Journeys, run the assessment, gain your badge and share your success.