SAP Work Zone starter tutorials

You already have a Work Zone instance and you don’t know how to develop content for it?

Here a list of possibilities how you can jump start your Work Zone experience for your company:

1. Introduction

Customers, partners and colleagues are asking me how to get started with Work Zone and how to develop and deploy content for it. The following guide will give you an overview of hands on guides that provide deeper insights into the following topics: Workflows, UI Integration Cards, Fiori Applications, Homepage designs and workspace set ups.

2. Tutorials & Guides in one glance:

2.1 Design SAP Work Zones Home Page:

Goal: In this tutorial, you’ll be designing a SAP Work Zone Home page. You’ll add rows and columns to configure its layout and also add widgets with static content to it. In later tutorials, you’ll add apps and cards to this page.

Link to hands-on:

2.2 Add a Workspace to SAP Work Zone

Goal: Create a workspace and add content to it that you can share with other members of your workspace.

Link to hands-on:

2.3 Add a URL App to Your SAP Work Zone Page

Goal: Create a URL app and add it to a page in SAP Work Zone.

Link to hands-on:

2.4 Add an SAPUI5 App to an SAP Work Zone Page

Goal: Add an existing SAPUI5 app to an SAP Work Zone page.

Link to hands-on:

2.5 UI Integration Card that connects to an OpenConnectors instance:

Goal: Develop and deploy a UI Integration Card that connects to an OpenConnectors instance. In this example to ServiceNow:

Links to hands-on:

2.6 UI Integration Card that connects to SuccessFactors:

Goal: Develop and deploy a UI Integration Card that connects to SuccessFactors.

2.7 Add a WebDynpro ABAP application to Work Zone:

Goal: Enrich Your Launchpad Site with Apps from SAP Gateway Demo System

Link to hands-on:

2.8 Example workflow of parental leave from GitHub:

Goal: Deploy a standard workflow for parental leave from Business Application Studio to Work Zone by using the workflow journey app template from GitHub:

Link to hands-on:

2.9 Add an SAP Analytics Cloud Story to Fiori Launchpad and SAP Work Zone

Goal: Integrating SAP Analytics Cloud to Work Zone

Link to hands on:

3. Further information:

I hope these tutorials give you a jumpstart into setting up your new Work Zone. Feel free to contact me for any questions and feedback.

If you are curious to find out more, please visit the following sites:

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