Yuyutsu App – Local Transport Feature (CPI)


This is the second blog related to new SAP Cloud Integration Transport Tool ‘Yuyutsu‘. If you are not familiar with Yuyutsu, please visit the first blog first at In short this tool helps to transport artifacts such as Iflows and Value Mappings from one tenant to another, allowing you compare the versions, code and configurations. And this tool is available for both Mac and Windows. This blog is related to a new feature introduced in latest version i.e. Local Transport. There are situations where you have multiple lower environments such as Dev, QA or Test maintained in single tenant, but it is really difficult to compare and transport one Iflow to another package and requires manual steps to modify the artifacts. Local Transport feature will help to ease all these difficulties allowing you to seamlessly maintain different environments in single tenant.


If you would like to try the feature right away please download OS specific installer from and if you already have it installed, just update the app with ‘Check for Updates’ feature. DMG file is for Mac OS and EXE for Windows.

View Packages Tab

The changes that you will notice in this tab is a new Local Transport Button against each Package. Click this button if you would like to perform a local transport.

Local Transport Package

This is the new tab used for local transport. It is very similar to normal tenant to tenant transport feature with target side is Package instead of Connection.

  • Select the source connection, if not already selected. This will fill the available packages in the tenant.
  • Start by selecting target package where you want to transport the artifacts.
  • If the target package does not exist, you can create new package by clicking + button.

  • As soon as you select the target package, the version comparison report will be displayed.
    • Artifact name will be matched with the artifacts in target package based on Dice coefficient statistic .
    • If you feel match is not correct, there is an option to select different artifact by clicking ‘Down Arrow key’ button. This will popup all the available artifacts in the target package. If there is no match, you can choose to create new artifact by clicking ‘Create New’ in popup.
  • The artifacts which can be transported will have four action buttons
    • Compare code – Here you can compare the code of each file of the artifact.
    • Configurations – Here you can compare the configurations available on source and target tenants.
    • Local Transport – This will transport the artifact to the target package.
    • Local Transport and Deploy – This will transport as well as deploy the artifact in the tenant.

Search Panel

Search panel is improved to show more actions that can be performed for the package.

  • Transport – Using this option, you can directly jump to Transport tab (tenant to tenant) for the package.
  • Local Transport – Using this option, you can directly jump to Local Transport tab (same tenant transport) for the package.
  • Open in Browser – This will act as Bookmark link for the package. Clicking this option will redirect to Package url in the Browser.

App updates and Bug Report

I have improved the app update process, which will download the updates (for Windows) and show option to Restart and view Release Notes in the status bar down.

Please use the link provided in the app to report a Bug and Feature request.


The app is built using openly available APIs from SAP for Cloud Integration. Follow this link if you to know more about the official APIs –


I hope this will help in easing the process of transporting the artifacts where single tenant is used to maintain multiple environment. Please provide your valuable feedback in comments section. More information about the app can be found here