After an upgrade to Release 805, PSM-FM (Funds Management) tables are not being updated anymore

Dear All,

Lately, I saw many companies facing the same so I decided to create this blog post to help whoever is experiencing the same.

For customers that have PSM-FM (Funds Management) activated in the system (activation is done by transaction SFW5 and Enterprise Extension EA-PS) and did an upgrade in the system to EA-PS Release 805.

EA-PS active in transaction code SFW5.

IS-PS flag active in transaction code FIBF.

PSM-FM configuration activities are correct in the IMG, basic configuration, FMDERIVE, all ok but still FM is not updated while posting FM relevant documents (PRs, POs, MIRO, FI documents and so on).

All your operations are working correctly but no update is being done in PSM-FM side causing issues with availability control and budget consumption. It was working perfectly before the upgrade and PSM-FM was already active for a while.

For unknown reasons, sometimes one configuration setting gets lost and causes issues in FM updates. This configuration is EAFM component in table TRWCA. It should be active because you have Funds Management but the flag became blank after the upgrade of the system.

Please check if this is your case: enter SE16 and verify if field EAFM is blank in table TRWCA. If it is, you will need to activate EAFM manually in transaction SM30 and your issue will be resolved and PSM-FM will be updated again.

For the records posted before this manual activation and after the upgrade (with no records in PSM-FM tables FMIOI or FMIFIIT), you will need to reconstruct them based on the following documentation:

SAP Note 1226425 How to reconstruct FM documents from FI based on PO item

SAP Note 189761  Reconstruction of data in Funds Managemnt as of Release 4.5A

Best Regards,

Vanessa Barth