SAP Analytics Cloud User and Team Provisioning API | Hands-on Video Tutorials

Earlier this year, Matthew Shaw published a technical article about user onboarding automation

For the SAP HANA Academy and the Partner Innovation Lab, we have started to record video tutorials where you can see the sample scripts in action.

In this blog post you will find the videos embedded with references and some additional information.

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Hands-On Video Tutorials

What You Will Learn

In 4 videos and a little under 30 minutes we show how to get started.


  1. Covers the functionality and restrictions of the Security user interface of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
  2. Explains how to register and OAuth client for SAC and validate the configuration using Postman
  3. Shows how we can create potentially 10,000s of  users with a single command using the Postman Node.js CLI newman.
  4. Provides a code walkthrough and explains the process flow of a create user API call.


For more video tutorials on the topic, check the playlist


Security Management 

SAP Analytics Cloud

In this video tutorial we discuss use case and functionality of the Security Management menu to create users, teams, and role, as a prelude to automation using the SCIM API.

Time Markers

0:00 – Introduction

1:20 – SAP API Business Hub

1:50 – User, team, and role management using the System menu

2:45 – Import users from file


For the documentation about user administration, see

For the API specification, see


Register OAuth Client

SAP Analytics Cloud and Postman

In this video tutorial we start our preparations, configure the Postman environment, and create an OAuth client to obtain an access and X-CSRF token.

Time Markers

0:00 – Introduction and documentation references

2:50 – Postman

3:10 – Sample scripts

4:00 – Import environment and collection 001

5:00 – Configure environment

6:30 – Create OAuth client

8:15 – Get access token

9:55 – Send POST call for access token

10:30 – GET Users for x-csrf token


For product information about creating an OAuth client, see

About CSRF, see

To download Postman, visit the website (alternatively, you can use the web client). Here you can also find the documentation and other learning material, highly recommended for those interested in learning how we can interact with APIs

For Matthew Shaw‘s API best practices, see

To download the scripts, visit SAP-samples on Github

For information about namespaces, see




In this video tutorial we show how we can create users programmatically using the Postman Node.js command line client newman.

Time Markers

0:00 – Introduction

1:20 – Execute newman run command

2:20 – Console output


The command executes collection run with the environment from env.json and with data.csv as data input.

newman run run.json -e env.json -d data.csv


Newman is documented and available for download from


Create User


In this video tutorial we show how we can create users programmatically using the SAP Analytics Cloud User and Team Provisioning SCIM API.

Covers script 101-U-C-Fcj-Es-Create users (no roles, no teams).postman_collection

Time Markers

0:00 – Introduction

0:30 – Download newman

1:00 – Import environment

1:30 – Import collection

2:00 – POST Users

7:30 – POST access token

8:50 – GET Users

9:40 – Run collection

9:50 – Documentation

12:00 – Error handling


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