SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Better Together #ASUG Webcast Summary Q&A

The great Ingo Hilgefort provided this ASUG webcast last week, and answered several questions.

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Challenges today

Data warehouses today are IT driven; difficult to access data sources

Most BI tools do not have good inside model capabilities

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud looks to business user to being part of the process, self-service modeling workflow

Uses SAP HANA Cloud as the underlying database

It also has data flow (embedded DI) for ETL jobs

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Three main use cases

Provide an environment that isn’t all IT driven

Not just self-service analytics

Data modeling in a governed approach to business user

Data democratization using the semantic layer (Business Builder in DWC) – create a scenario independent of data layer

End to end data warehouse – DWC provides different aspects of data warehousing. Integrates with existing solutions, such as BW

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Direct connectivity with SAC

Expose DWC to third party tool – 2 options:

  1. expose data model for consumption (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI)
  2. ETL tool, use external ETL scenario to fill data to DWC

Business Content

  • Preconfigured scenarios (like BW)
  • Gives you a head start

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SAC understands DWC assets

SAC capable of connecting to data layer or business layer

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Many to many connectivity options

Can have 3 tier structure – dev, test and production environment

Most customers have 1 DWC tenant, some have 2 tenant

Some use the spaces concept to separate dev and production environment

Connection from SAC to DWC is many to many

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Expose DWC to third party tool – consumption or loading information – configuration to allow external consumption

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Business content from SAP and partners

More information about the Business Content the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Community. Partner Content also listed on SAP Store (source: SAP)

Gives you a head start

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As part of integration between DWC/SAC, can configure geo enrichment

Use lat/long of dataset in DWC and then use in SAC

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Create input parameters – not SAC specific

Parameter you can create as part of the model; it is mandatory

SAC can reuse it

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Create story filters in the model; specific to SAC

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Planned for next quarter, SAC add in will use the live DWC connection; allowing you to use Excel (or Excel 365) and talk to information in DWC

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SAC: some faced limitations with data blending

Consider DWC/SAC combination

See blog below that shows how combination SAC/DWC gives you like a live connection to SAC

Blog link:

Resources: (source: SAP)

Current Limitations :

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Best Practices – SCN Community:

SAP Roadmap Explorer – SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – View road map explorer link:  (logon required)

Find sample content on GitHub

90 Day Trial:


Q: using BW for last 14 years and SAC for last year, is it possible to lift and shift?

A: Yes, there was a webinar on integration DWC with BW using a model transfer

Can point DWC to existing BW models and leverage that as part of DWC environment

Q: Self -service data modeling – how prevent business user from a “mess”?

A: Want to put a framework; not just technical framework but an education on the tool and what makes sense

Can use Business Builder, to create more of a semantic model for the end user

Can use security for the spaces concept

Q: Recommendations on govern business user credentials/models

A: Governance, control over who sees which models, access new models, create new models

Q: Can we do script scenarios in DWC?

A: You can use SQL scripting in terms as part of SQL driven modeling scenarios

Q: DWC looks like a replacement for BW4

A: It’s not an either or, but a combination

Q: Is there an embedded version of SAC in DWC?

A: There has been; when DWC came out, there was a story builder part of that but it has been removed and now point to existing SAC system

Can still configure menus to go to your tenant

Q: Is DWC connecting with SAC live, so how is planning supported?

A: Planning in SAC, data needs to be in SAC, if want to use DWC, can create a scenario where SAC imports data, SAC to HANA Cloud

Planning in SAC data needs to be in SAC

Q: Can a third party consumption handle complex queries?

A: DWC third party API – does give access to data layer and not the business layer

It is a SQL interface to data layer of DWC

Q: What is the recommendation way – multiple DWCs or spaces?

A: Recommended approach is spaces

Go to the community page

Q: Does the customer have to purchase SAC when buy DWC?

A: If customer has SAC, can reuse DWC

Q: Today we have Analysis Office against HANA with calculation views

A: Analysis for Office is not planned to connect to DWC; plan is to use SAC add in – strategic investment

Q: Do we have an update on Data Warehouse Marketplace

A: Webinar in October

Q: DWC leverage ODP extractors?

A: Yes, see best practices page

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