5.VIDEO “Boost your Planning with SAP IBP + SAP Analytics Cloud” P&L PLANNING & LEAN FIN. FORECASTING

In this video we explain P&L PLANNING & LEAN FIN. FORECASTING capabilities of SAP IBP + SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD.

We explain how to align, build P&L based on proceeding IBP steps and bond all together into scenario based actuals + plan P&L structure.

This video intents to cover hints, considerations, knowledge, experience which can support your vision, design, architecture phase or deployment of e2e planning transformation.

Its 5th out of 5 in the video series with rich presence of SAP IBP & SAC demo.

Below you will find details what & when we discuss and screen shots from the slides used in video.


00:00 – 04:19 Proceeding steps recap, Master/leading system assignment for Enterprise Analytics, Lean fin. forecasting, P&L planning

04:19 – 06:09 Lean financial planning high level process flow (SG&A, R&D, Operating expenses, Investments, …) with connection to systems

06:10 – 11:24 SAP Analytics Cloud DEMO – selected elements of Lean financial forecasting

  • Capex, Commodity price hedging, Operating expenses planning

PROFIT & LOSS PLANNING 11:25 – 21:07

11:24 –  17:03 SAP Analytics Cloud DEMO – P&L structure resulting from process & data streams from various systems, actuals and plan on scenario level, process/data streams coming to P&L

17:03 – 17:35 SAP Analytics Cloud DEMO – P&L gap assessment

17:36 – 20:41 Decision making impact on integration from SAC to source systems SAP IBP, S/4

20:41 – 21:07 Overview of e2e process on SAP IBP + SAP Analytics Cloud

Fig 1 Process architecture

Fig 2 Lead system assignment for P&L planning

Fig 3 Process flow for Lean fin. forecasting

Fig 4 Decision making backward data integration to source systems


In video we detail P&L planning, Lean financial planning in SAC and data integration consideration.

Scope of whole series is outlined here

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