Network Spatial Service

This blog post provides an overview of SAP Network Spatial Service.

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On August 20, 2021, we released exciting new SAP Business Network innovations for our customers. See

In the 2108 release, we introduce SAP Network Spatial Service.

Business Context

A modern, agile, and scalable geospatial solution supports visual business processes, leverages existing geospatial investments, and facilitates business partner collaboration.

The geospatial solution is particularly relevant in the areas of flexibility (e.g., performing typical geospatial operations and analysis) and scalability (e.g., visualizing and clustering potentially millions of points of interest for Linear Assets).

SAP Network Spatial Service increases geospatial functionalities in SAP Business Network Solutions, such as AIN, Ariba, DVH, and LBN.

What makes SAP Network Spatial Service unique?​​​​​​​

NSS provides a means to collaborate with nominated Network partners on business processes via a map, e.g.

    1. Maintenance partners sharing road works with underground utility partners;
    2. Logistics partners sharing delivery information required for work order fulfillment with maintenance partners. **
    3. Gives customers and partners configuration and open-source development options to enhance their own Network extensions and applications with geo-spatial information.
    4. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership by leveraging a customer’s existing investment in geospatial capabilities.

**Next Releases

  • Integration with Asset Intelligence Network: Sharing details on where work is planned and performed with a common geographical map improves usability and alignment between trading partners. Users can now display contextual geographical information of the work order and operations with a flexible mapping service that allows various styles and mapping technologies to be deployed. Additionally, geospatial data from accessible public and private sources (i.e. weather, traffic) can also be displayed alongside Work Order geographical information on the same map.

The above bullet point summarizes the key innovations for SAP Business Network 2108.

We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in this release.

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