SAP Architect on Google Cloud


Expanded Strategic Relationship

Recently, Google and SAP announced an expanding strategic relationship

The strategic relationship itself goes back to 2017

For an overview of SAP’s multi-cloud strategy and the “Embrace Project”, see


Learning Path

Although there is no SAP on Google Cloud certification equivalent to the popular Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty, you can take the SAP Architect learning path and collect Coursera certifications (for completing the course) and Qwiklabs badges (for completing the challenge).

The path comprises four courses and 14 labs.

You can take the course in classroom format. See the course page on Qwiklabs for upcoming classes.


Alternatively, you can take the course ondemand via Coursera (and sign up for a course completion certification). Note that the 5-course specialization covers the above-mentioned classroom trainings (except SAP on Google Cloud)


The learning path includes two labs for SAP HANA (currently not available).

Not specific to SAP are the skill badge trajectories, which include a number of labs ending with a challenge which you have to pass to get your badge.


For those with a subscription, the Coursera courses are also available on Pluralsight (but not the labs)


SAP on Google Cloud

For more detailed information, see the guides and articles on the documentation portal

For solution marketing material, see


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