Groovy IDE Local File Support (Beta)

Dear Integration Consultants,

Groovy IDE is used and loved by many consultants(Thanks for all the kind feedback!) Therefore I wanted to invest improving some of the pain points going forward. This update brings local-files feature!

Basically you open a folder on your computer via your browser. It needs a Chromium-based browser like Edge or Chrome (I don’t want to leave out Firefox, but sadly it is not possible yet):

Use cases

  • You work on multiple cases, and you need to switch between cases and see the results quickly.
  • Development of script takes long and you have to save many scripts in-progress.
  • You want to save development artifacts like edge cases and scripts in Git.


Here is a video showing basic usage:

You can try it now, it is still free. You should create an account and subscribe to newsletter for occasional updates.



GroovyIDE assumes some structure and ignores the rest:

  • Any file ending with .groovy is script
  • Any combination of files starting with “input.” in a folder is one case.
  • You can put scripts and cases together, or you can organize them however you want. It is flexible.
  • Now it will be easier for you to save/reopen scripts AND to switch between different input cases for the same script!

It is also very Git-friendly.

If you want to use your favorite XML or JSON editor with the input body, just change the file extension like “input.body.json”. It is just files!

Design decisions behind the update

I shared this document and gathered feedback from valuable community members publicly and privately:

I will gather feedback for a while. I won’t change the current landing page until more people use v2. I can keep the current version around. (I don’t want to break workflows of users.) Beta website will be a place for future experiments as well.

Thanks for all the nice wishes and advice over the years!
Until next time!