How to know when to back off (taking a nap from ABAP development Q&A)

Some time ago, I wrote a thing about how to ask something in Q&A my way (it’s about effort).

Since then, I kept checking the ABAP Development tag when my brain needed to wander around (dunno why, but I get the best ideas when I don’t think about them). I just step on my dashboard, checked the Followed content list for anything I could help with, and then clicked the link trying to help someone.

It’s not because the amount of people putting no effort on their questions has raised: I’m pretty sure the number of “leechers” (sorry, it’s an old word from an older world) remains the same (the number of leechers in any technical forum it’s just a proportion following a universal constant we must discover yet).

It’s because me. I grow old, and my patience diminishes. Not much to worry about.

Today I put a sarcastic comment followed by a question or a comment to one of those questions. I assume I crossed a line, because a mod has edited my comment, removing the harsh part and converting it to an answer (O.o)

I deleted the answer, because it was not useful (the question was something like “how can I do this?”, my comment was something like “I’d do it by programming it, did you tried or just came here to ask us to do your help?”).

I don’t complain when a mod slaps my face. I usually deserve it, and, if not, I think I’ve no right to complain to someone who is doing a work I want not to do.

I assume my comment was more rude than I thought (fish memory, you know).

But it made me decide to take a nap. To NOT check the ABAP Q&A for an undecided amount of time. Not as a retaliation, just to prevent me to burn.

You must know when to back off. When a mod cuts your answer, you must know you crossed a line, and you must think why you did it.

I did it because I’m tired.

And when I’m tired, I take a nap.