SAP Analytics Cloud: Story Filter – Set Date Range & Calendar

Here is the summary of what is covered in this article:

  • How to define Calendar and range parameter filters in SAP Analytics Cloud Story.
  • Model settings (prerequisites) to consume calendar variables
  • Story settings to add time filters using an example (Posting date).

Model Settings for Story Filter:

Step 1: Model Settings

  • Create a time dimension, find the time icon in the below screenshot

  • Once you click on it, you can provide Dimension (date), Granularity, Date format, Hierarchy as below.

Step 2: Story Settings

  • Click on add filter icon, then you can see the “Add Time Filters” options as below.

  • You can use various options such as “Current, Previous, Next, Previous & Current, Current & Next”; here I used “Previous & Current” to derive the last 30, 6 & 3 days.
  • Once you click on the option it will open the below screen(Settings).

  • You can choose range type: Fixed & Dynamic
  • Fixed range: we cannot change the ‘date from’ for example: If you provide July to Aug, then you cannot change it. (as below screenshot)

  • Dynamic range: We can select the date using the system date/period or user-defined input control (Current date as below screenshot).

  • Current Date Input control

  • If we select system Date / Period, you can see the calendar in the filter, you can provide a custom date using the Custom current date/period option.
  • Ranges: we can add the range between using the below options, here I used 30 days, 6 days & 3 days.

  • If you enable “Include range up to current period” it will disable the “Look ahead” option, i.e. range up to current system date.
  • Once you set this, you can see the below filters in your story.

Current Date: Using System date as default, you can also disable the below check box and manually select the date.

Posting date with 30, 6, 3 days look back.

Additional settings:

Enable users can modify/delete the filters using the below options.

Now that you know about date/range input parameters in SAP Analytics Cloud Story. How about discovering more about SAP Analytics Cloud Story Filters? Explore to learn more.

Thanks for reading this article, hope you will understand the range of filter options, please write or comment to me back with any queries.