New to being an S-User on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad? Here is what you need to know!

Welcome new S-User! Here is our checklist to guide you to get the most from your S-User and all that comes with it


The initial S-User created for your customer account is the Super Administrator. A Super Administrator has all authorizations assigned to them and can create other Super Administrators or S-Users. It seems like a lot right now but with this checklist, we will try to make the process as easy as possible. 

Here is your checklist to get started!  

Have you received your S-User and activated it? – 1808560 – How to reset an S-User ID password – SAP ONE Support Launchpad 

Have you all the correct authorizations – 2891528 – How to use the Self-Service Authorization Request – SAP ONE Support Launchpad  

Do you know who your Super Administrator is? –  How to find your Super Administrator   

If you need Expert Support, you can do so by using chat ensuring you have the correct authorizations –  2570790 – Expert Chat Frequently Asked Questions – SAP Product Support    

You can also create an Incident – 1296527 – How to create a support incident (contact SAP Product Support) – SAP ONE Support Launchpad  

You may need to create another S-User or Super Administrator – 1511008 – How to add or change authorizations for an S-User ID – SAP ONE Support Launchpad  

Issues reporting an Incident – 2919585 – Cannot create an incident for installation, system, or product – SAP ONE Support Launchpad  

You can contact CIC for assistance if you need any further guidance. The Customer Interaction Center can be contacted by Phone, Expert Chat , and by email

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