How can I pay invoices as a customer via credit card in SAP for Me?

SAP for Me allows you to manage your invoices and payments online. You can display your invoices on the screen and pay them conveniently and quickly by credit card. Alternatively, you can pay the invoice amount by bank transfer or send us a check. Your invoices are displayed in an overview.

This capability is enabled for SAP Canada customers and from September 7, 2021 on also for SAP Americas customers (pre-announcement).

Getting started

The first place you will be interested in looking in is Finance & Legal where you can find the information regarding all SAP contracts (On premise and Cloud) as well as any billing information.

Once you have successfully signed in, select the link on the left side of the page labeled Customer Dashboard and select Finance and Legal.

Here you will see the tab Billing.

If you would like to pay for any of your Company’s SAP Invoices, click on the Billing tab and select the invoice(s) you would like to pay.

Next select the “Pay Bill(s)” button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

A pop-up window will appear so you can confirm that you have selected the required items. Click Proceed to Payment to continue.

Next enter your payment options and click submit to finalize payment.

How to get authorization to access invoice section?

S-User needs to be given access to manage invoice section of SAP for Me:

If the S-User doesn’t have access, there is a link that shows who within their company they need to contact to get access on “Company Administrators”:

Besides, you will be able to see how to contact us, SAP Contact (telephone and email), and the SAP for Me website at the bottom of every invoice.

Additional Support

In case you need additional support with SAP for Me you can also go the following website.

This provides customer specific information and a place where they can submit a ticket, etc.

Thank you!

Your SAP for Me Team