Introduction to Analytics Designer Developer Handbook

While we’re amazed at customers’ success in making the most of the tool, we often hear these questions: How can I get started with the analytic designer? Where can I get samples? What are the best practices of designing analytic applications?

If you have similar questions, Analytics Designer Developer Handbook is for you. It is a comprehensive guide including everything you should know about analytics designer as an application designer, ranging from the onboarding materials like basic concepts, widgets and script APIs to deep-dive contents like typical patterns, best practices and performance tips.

You can download the Analytics Designer Development Handbook 10.0 here:

In the meantime, we will regularly update the changes of the handbook in the community as well.

Update in August of 2021 (Version 10.0)

5.21.2    Saving Additional Properties with Bookmarks

5.34.10 Using the getCalendarTaskById API

5.34.11 Using the activate API

5.34.12 Using the getRelatedTasksId API

5.34.13 Using the createCompositeTask API

5.34.14 Using the Status Change APIs for any Calendar Composite Task

5.41.1    Using Sandbox Restrictions [Web page widget]

5.42       Dialogs to Share Applications and Bookmarks

5.42.1    Customize Link to Shared Application or Bookmark

5.42.2    Script API

13.1       Top Picks

13.2       Analytic Application Script Performance Popup

13.5.9    Enable Planning on Tables Only When Planning Is Used

13.5.12 Use MemberInfo Object with setDimensionFilter()

13.5.13 Use the Pause Refresh API

The End

Per our experience with customers, Analytics Designer Developer Handbook is something analytics designers can use and refer to handily many times. Hope it can assist you in your journey of designing fantastic analytic applications.