Link datasources in the model in SAP Analytics Cloud

When you build a story, and base your story on 2 datasources, you can link the datasources directly in the story.

But in order to ensure that the link is done properly, if by example regular business users are to use the models oftenly, you can actually do the link directly in the model, so the users do not know that tha data is coming from different datasources.

Start by creating a model on one of the datasources, and press the button “Combine Data” when you want to add the extra datasource:Model

Once the new datasource has been added, you have to link the dimensions in the datasources:

Now the datasources are linked, and it now looks like it is only one datasource, when you see it in the modeler:

owever, you are able to see the datasources, in the Data Management view:

Now the users are able to use the model, as if it was a single datasource:


This is very useful when working with datasources, that need to be linked in order to obtain the correct business insigth. Especially when working with SAP SuccessFactors or other Cloud datasources where data is not available in a query from the backend, but rather organized in different tables.