How to Convert 0CALMONTH to Fiscal Quarter (ZFISQRT)?

You are here to learn the ABAP field routine to convert 0CALMONTH to ZFISQRT.

We have a 0CALQUARTER value as (20141, 20142, 20143, 20154,20163, etc.) from this calendar

quarter we have to define the ZFISQRT (Fiscal Quarter) then we write that code in field routine.

0CALQUARTER ————-> filed routine ————>  ZFISQRT

Step 1 : Map 0CALQUARTER from source to target with ZFISQRT in transformation.

Then, Right Click on ZFISQRT in target of transformation and select the Rule details option.

Rule Details –


Step 2 : Select Rule Type as Routine as mentioned in above screen.

Step 3 : Write the below code to convert 0CALMONTH to ZFISQRT in field routine as –

DATA: YEAR(4) TYPE N, //Declaring YEAR with length 4 of TYPE N.
QUARTER(1) TYPE N. //Declaring QUARTER with length 1 of TYPE N. YEAR = SOURCE_FIELDS-CALQUARTER+0(4). // Here we calculate YEAR from 0CALQUARTER. QUARTER = SOURCE_FIELDS-CALQUARTER+4(1). // Here we calculate only QUARTER from 0CALQUARTER. // Below is the logic to calculate fiscal year quarter from calendar quarter. IF QUARTER = 1. RESULT = YEAR - 1. CONCATENATE RESULT '4' into RESULT. ELSEIF QUARTER = 2. RESULT = YEAR. CONCATENATE RESULT '1' into RESULT. ELSEIF QUARTER = 3. RESULT = YEAR. CONCATENATE RESULT '2' into RESULT. ELSEIF QUARTER = 4. RESULT = YEAR. CONCATENATE RESULT '3' into RESULT.

20142 20141
20143 20142
20144 20143
20141 20144

Step 4 :
Save the routine and transformation. Run your DTP and check the above table from Input data to Output data.

Conclusion : In the above blog you have learned about the ABAP field routine code to convert 0CALMONTH (Calendar month) to ZFISQRT (Fiscal Quarter). It’s a complete customization to convert Calendar Month to Fiscal Quarter. In next some blogs you will get so many routine code for time characteristics conversion.