Fiori Elements Standard App Extension using virtual Elements: Manage Billing Document ( Real Time Extension Scenario)

This blog is about extending the Standard Fiori Elements based application using the Virtual Elements.

Business Scenario & Requirement Overview

Recently, I have requested to extend the Standard Manage Billing Document app with additional filter as “Sales Document”.

Manage Billing Documents is Fiori Element’s based application, which navigates from Billing Document( List Report) to Billing Document  detail ( Object Page).

Sales Document exist at Item Level in the Billing Document.


  • Sales Document (SO) number exist in the Billing Document Item.
  • Needs to bring the Item Level field in the main filter bar (Selection Screen)

Technical Solution & design the solution

Step by Step Approach

Step1  : Identify the Main ODATA Service and Consumption CDS

Step 2 : Identify the Associated CDS from main consumption CDS

Step 3: Extend the Main CDS with required field.

Step 4: In the Extended CDS add the annotations for

UI Selection Field

End user Text Label

Virtual Element Annotations

@ObjectModel.virtualElement ,

@ObjectModel.filter.transformedBy: ‘ABAP:ZCL_TESTKAM’

( Please refer my existing blog on virtual element for detail on Virtual Elements )

Step 5: Implement the Exit Class for deriving data for virtual element

Implementation : 

Based on the above Steps, lets us extend the standard Manage Billing Document App

Identify the ODATA Service and Backend CDS Data Model, can just put F12 and get the information


Consumption CCDS: C_BillingDocument_F0797

Extend the main CDS field and add the virtual Element as follows

Associated Entity detail for which field needs to be used

  • Associated Entity – Item
  • Associated Entity Field – SalesDocument

Implement the class with interface required for virtual Elements


That’s it, just run the application to see the new Sales Document Filter, select  a value and apply the filter to get all the carries based on the Sales Document

Wow, we are done 😊 Lets clear the cache and see the app

Sales Document is available in filter bar 😊

So don’t wait to share your SAP findings and knowledge.



Mohit Bansal