SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 – Download excel file from SAP Analytics Cloud to desktop


In this blog post I am trying to showcase a scenario where we are downloading a file from SAP Analytics Cloud to your desktop in excel format. The screenshots and recording are all my own. I am using Cloud SAP trial account.

I have divided this scenario into two automations

Part 1 :- Login to SAP Analytics Cloud application

Part 2: – To download a file which is stored at the location “My files / Public / IRPA Test / Test IRPA file” in the SAP Analytics Cloud application

Part 1: Login to SAP Analytics Cloud 

Create an application. Capture the login page and declare elements


Capture the login page as an application and declare elements (username, password and login)

Create automation for Login


Set element username, password and click on Login

Start Screen

Part 2: – To download a file which is stored at the location “My files / Public / IRPA Test / Test IRPA file” 

Part 2.1 Create application to capture all the pages and declare the required

Capture the page and declare elements “Public Folder”


Capture the  page and declare the element “IRPATest”

Capture the application and declare the element “Test_RPA”


Since the next page are different views of the same page, we will capture multiple screen under one application and declare the required elements


capture multiple screen in one application

Capture 1 – application is created to click on the unique element in the page so that the 3 dots appear which we will declare as an element in capture 2

Capture 2 –  define the three dots as an element “More”


Capture 3 – Declare element as “export”


Capture 4 – Declare the element “ok” to download the file

Part 2.2 Create automation

For the SAP Analytics Cloud login, refer to the automation defined in Part 1

Demo : to download the file from SAP Analytics Cloud to the desktop

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