New! Check on one single page all of your Identity Authentication and Identity Provisioning tenants and administrators

As an SAP customer, would you like to see all of your Identity Authentication and Identity Provisioning tenants in one place, with the region, tenant type, creation date, and administrators?

It is now possible! You can use the URL:

You need to authenticate with your S user ID (using SAP ID Service), and after successful authentication, we bring you the list to show the SAP Cloud Identity Services tenants belonging to your customer ID!

For Identity Authentication you can see all administrators who have Manage Tenant administrator role – so these people are the ones whom you can contact if there is a need to add an additional admin. The list also shows the status of the administrators: new or active.

For Identity Provisioning we currently only show the initial admin – in case you would like to be an Identity Provisioning tenant administrator as well, contact this person.

The users and e-mails are masked if the domain of the authenticated user is different from the domain of the tenant administrators.

Please note, that SAP adds additional administrators, in case existing admin is not available, for example, left the company. Adding additional admin is a self-service and it is exclusively in the hands of the current administrators. Please only raise incidents to SAP if something is wrong with the assigned tenants, or if existing admins are not available anymore. In these cases please specify the reason for the incident. Components: BC-IAM-IDS for Identity Authentication, BC-IAM-IPS for Identity Provisioning.

Good to know

Another thing to recall: to this Cloud Identity Services – Tenants application and to Identity Provisioning you log in with your S user, but Identity Authentication uses a different (your company-owned) user store, and you need to use e-mail addresses to log in. The Administration Console of the Identity Authentication tenant has the pattern: https://<tenant ID>

Also, regarding obtaining a new tenant:

Identity Authentication provides one productive and one test tenant per customer, regardless of the number of contracts signed in which Identity Authentication is included or bundled (except for SAP SuccessFactors). For more info, see Tenant Model and Licensing.

The scope of your Identity Provisioning bundle tenant can be extended when you purchase more bundled SAP cloud solutions. In this case, your first bundle tenant will be extended with the newly purchased SAP cloud solution and all the relevant provisioning systems for this solution. You will not get additional tenants. See Bundle Tenants and Connectors.


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Viewing Assigned Tenants and Administrators