Deploy SAP Retail POS Analysis : SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud Content “out of the box”

Welcome back to the topic of “SAP Retail POS Analysis : SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud Content out of the box”. In my last blog post, I explained some features and functions of the SAP Analytics Cloud content and how it is related to the underlying SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content.

In this content, I want to describe how easily this content can be deployed.

The content consists of 3 areas:

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Content
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Content
  • csv files to have data to play with

Let’s have a short view of the architecture:

In this picture, you really see everything you need to know. Since the foundation of this content sits in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, we need to deploy in the first step this business content.

Go into your data warehouse cloud tenant and click on the  Content Network icon:

Then click on the tile “Business Content”. The content you will find there will be predefined content for different line of businesse published by SAP. You should get an overview of what content is already available:

Choose “SAP Retail: POS Analytics” by clicking on the text (and NOT flagging the checkbox):

Please read carefully all the information here (Yes, I know exactly how annoying this is, but sometimes reading carefully with the intention to understand saves a lot of time at the end. I had to learn this the hard way, too :))

Nevertheless I concentrate of the most important part (marked in red in the picture): If there has no SAP standard content been deployed in advance, than you have to create a SPACE with the technical Space ID SAP_CONTENT. If this Space already exists, you should get assigned to it and have all the rights you need to deploy content.

IMPORTANT: The right technical ID of the SPACE is tightly connected to the content and if this SPACE does not exist, the deployement will fail.

Okay, as soon as you have your SPACE, go back to this box and maybe you would like to get familiar with the content by clicking on the tab “import options”. (I like to understand what’s happening BEFORE I press some buttons).

Last but not least click on the bottom of the box the button “import”.

When you have done this, you can check the status of the import here:

As soon as the import has finished you get an information box:

If you click on “Import Summary” you get a detailed overview of imported items:

Please be aware, that it could be, that you get warnings e.g. in case the content SPACE already exists. In general, the status message is useful to detect a potential root cause, if something went wrong.

Now go to the data builder and choose the Content Space:

Here you will find the deployed items:

After the import your items have the status undeployed. To change this, search for POS Analysis an choose SAP POS Analysis Report:

Click on the text and the view will open. Click on the deploy icon an all dependant objects will be deployed, too.

A short notice will pop up, that the view has been deployed. Then you can check again the status of your content items in the data builder. They should have the status “deployed”:

Congratulation, you just finished the first step by deploying SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Content “SAP Retail: POS Analysis” .

Next step would be to deploy SAP Analytics Cloud Content:

For this, move to your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant:

Before you try to import your content, you have to check, if the right connectivity is already setup. For this go to connections and check if there is already a Live Data connection to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant. Important: The technical name needs to be SAPDWC! 

If this connection is missing, create it by yourself:

And please remember: technical Name SAPDWC is crucial:

Then again: Network Content -> Business Content:

Search for POS Analysis for Retail:

And import:

Again, check your import summary. Very often it ends up with harmless warnings due to the fact, that there is already some content deployed and the folder structure was already available.

Now check, if your content is really availbale. For this go to the following folder and check if the story is availble:

Congratulation, you successfully deployed SAP Analytics Cloud Content “Retail: POS Analysis”.

Let’s recap:

We do have deployed content in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud. Last step would be to bring data into the tables of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Content.

For this, we prepared some csv files which are officially availbale via github:

Open folder csv and you get all files you need:

The csv files are named correpsonding to the approbriate table, which makes it easy to import.

Download them (e.g. by cloning the repository) and go back into the data builder of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Search for the corresponding table. E.g. POS GTIN:

Click on the table and upload the correspodning csv file:

Check “Use first row as column header” and import:

Do this for all tables of the data set.

As soon you have finished, check the Story in SAP Analytics Cloud:

Congratulaton, you have successfully finished your deployment. Enjoy!

Regards and stay curious,


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