8 Technical Interview Preparation Tips From Technical Recruiters

Are you preparing for a technical interview? If so, you’ve most likely surmised that technical interviews require extra preparation to make a positive impact. You must convey your advanced knowledge without overwhelming the interviewer.

For this reason, we’ve asked eight hiring managers and business leaders to share their best tips for technical interviews. From taking note of logistical requirements to dressing professionally, here are some of the best tips from technical recruiters.

  • Understand The Recruiter Perspective
  • Focus on Logistical Requirements
  • Explain Your Reasoning
  • Be Resourceful
  • Dress Professionally
  • Be Ready for a Test
  • Highlight Skills With Tasks
  • Research and Prepare

Understand The Recruiter Perspective

There are several reasons ways candidates can prepare for an interview with a technical recruiter. One good preparation tip is to understand the recruiter’s perspective. Good technical recruiters know that searching for a technical hire can be an extensive process. Searches for technical positions are usually too important to move fast, as technical hires can make or break a product. A candidate better align their expectations by knowing that the process can be lengthy, and that a technical recruiter is looking to deliver a slate of candidates with the right mix of knowledge, skills, and abilities – along with the requisite cultural fit – to the ultimate hiring manager. Make it a goal to get to the second interview, and not land the job in the first interview.

Jon Schneider, Recruiterie

Focus on Logistical Requirements

Technical recruiters are most often the gatekeepers and not the technical people within an organization. They are equipped with a list of role requirements and serve as a filter between candidates and busy technical teams. That’s why most technical interviews are more of a formality and a logistical exploration rather than an in-depth discussion around technologies. For example, a technical recruiter may ask about how familiar you are with Python or what experience you may have with Node.js. Avoid going into the technical details that a recruiter might not understand. Instead, focus on sharing why you have the necessary skills and requirements to warrant further consideration from someone who really knows the technical side. Make it a goal to get to the next interview by focusing on the logistics.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Explain Your Reasoning

When preparing for a technical interview, make sure you understand the “why” of each answer. When you’re being asked a lot of questions, it can be easy to just answer “correctly” and move on. However, one way you can differentiate yourself is by including your reasoning and explaining how you came to your answer. This can showcase your ability to problem solve and your ability to think critically.

Tom Mumford, Undergrads

Be Resourceful

I love asking, “What do you when you don’t know the answer?” I want to see if the candidate is a problem solver in aspects outside of their technical skills. I want to know that the candidate will do the work to find the answer, whether it’s researching it or asking the technical manager.

Alex Keyan, goPure Beauty

Dress Professionally

Talent and credentials easily manifest on a candidate’s resume and interview. But another factor to work on is an interviewer’s first impression. Dress to impress and bring your manners with you. The dress code is always business or formal attire so wear the appropriate outfit. In addition to that, always greet the people you interact with and introduce yourself if given a chance. Also, never interrupt when someone is speaking. 

Joe Flanagan, VelvetJobs

Be Ready for a Test 

When you’re interviewing for a specialized technical position, you must be prepared to show off your skills. Many organizations will test your ability to do the work right then and there. This is the best method for them to ensure you can do the job. A resume can be embellished, so the only real way to double-check is to have you demonstrate your skill sets. So, when you are being brought in for an interview for a position like this, be prepared to show off past work and perform something live for them.

Mark Smith, University of Advancing Technology

Highlight Skills With Tasks 

When constructing your resume, you want to market yourself by providing facts about why you are an asset by highlighting your actions. Provide scenarios you starred in, elaborate on the actions you took, then finally take it home with the results of your participation. This is more appealing than just simply stating skills and duties you have experience with.

Benjamin Smith, DISCO

Research and Prepare

When preparing for a technical interview, I would say the number one tip is to come prepared to demonstrate your skill set. If you are interviewing for a position as a programmer or developer, for instance, you may be presented with some code puzzles (i.e., “How would you accomplish task ‘X’ in code?”) or be asked to define some terms related to your field. Google the company and find out everything you can about their processes and products. Research common interview questions for your field or the position you are going after. Refresh your memory beforehand. You can never over-prepare. 

Maia Kelly, TechnologyAdvice

If you are preparing for a technical interview, which interview preparation tip will you practice and apply?

This article shares many actionable steps for you to take. Whether that’s researching and showing up prepared to demonstrate your skill set, or simply better understanding what a company is looking for in a candidate, these additional steps should help you stand out during the interview process.

Best of luck with your upcoming interview! Let us know how it goes in the comments below.