Adding of Scope item to the Starter Project in CBC which is not part of standard Bundles

As a default the licensed scope items are included in  either of the 3 scenario bundles such as Enterprise Management, Finance-Led ERP  and Professional Services.

customer can not add the specific license scope item such as 1SG to the starter project in Central Business Configuration ( CBC).

if the customer wants to add the specific licensed scope item to the starter project in CBC,  it can be added to the starter project with the help of S4HANA cloud operations team by way of creating the Incident under the component : X4-CBC-PRX and the customer should have the license

Example scope item :

Group Reporting – Financial Consolidation (1SG)
Advanced Bank Account Management (‏J77‏)
Advanced Cash Operations (‏J78‏)
Commitment Management (‏2I3)‏