3 key configuration setups to master in Variable Pay

Variable Pay is a highly complex module of SuccessFactors and that’s why we love it so much (or at least me).

It can do a lot and is very flexible but at the same time it can take forever to configure and fine-tune if we don’t know how to navigate its (sometimes) choppy waters.

In this post I will show you in 3 recordings how to master some key configuration setups to master to be efficient when configuring Variable Pay.

  • #1 – Save time when running the “Import Employee History Job from Employee Central” by using the Global Eligibility Rule for EC records (also called Filtering rule).

  • #2 – Know how to control the number of records that show in your employee history by using the Merge criteria in the varPayEmpHist background element.

  • #3 – Control Assignment Details fields visibility with assignment level custom fields.