Learn All About S-user IDs!

An S-User Id is your personal gateway to the SAP Launchpad allowing you to create incidents, request license keys, download software and more. 

Read below to find out all there is to know about how to get and use your S-User ID! 



What is an S-user ID and how do I get one?  

An SUser is a 10-digit ID beginning with the letter ‘S’ created by the Super Administrator of your company to allow you access to the SAP Support Portal and SAP ONE Support Launchpad among other support sites. Your S-User is evidence of a support agreement with SAP. 

If you do not yet have an S-User and want to know if your company has a maintenance agreement with us, you should first check your internal IT / procurement to confirm a customer (ERP) number. Alternatively, if you cannot confirm this information, contact CIC and we’ll be happy to check. Please be prepared to provide the full company name and street address for accurate results. 

What can I do with an S-User? 

Depending on the authorisations assigned to you by your Super Administrator, you will be able to Create Incidentschat with Technical ExpertsRequest License keys and more. 

How can I request authorisations for my S-User? 

You can use the Self-Service Authorization Request app to forward requests to your Super-Administrators. Alternatively, you can find out who your Super-Administrators are in the Important Contacts section of the Launchpad and contact them internally. 

Can I change the name on my S-User?  

S-User IDs are intended to be used by one person and cannot be transferred to another individual. For this reason, its not possible for you to change the name of your SUser. A name change is only permitted when it has been misspelled, the first and last name data is transposed in the wrong fields or if your legal name has changed (e.g. marital status change) 

If you need to request an edit to your name for any of these reasons, please create an incident under the XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR component. Please provide your S-User ID and your requested edit along with a general reason for your name change. If you do not have the authorisations to create an incident, contact us in the CIC and we’ll be happy to forward the request to our internal S-user data team on your behalf.  

Important: the name of your SUser ID should correspond with that of the linked email address. Similarly, the email address domain must correspond with the company name (unless you are a Partner). 

 How can I edit my S-User personal data?

You’ll be able to update your phone number, email address, job title, language, time-zone and Launchpad roles for your own SUser ID using the SAP ONE Support Launchpad User Profile.  



To update your Launchpad settings (language KBA 2294035  Working Time Zone, Working hours, Date/Time formats, Time Zone, Number Format, or Theme) click on the pen icon, make your changes and click Save Settings. 

To update your phone number, e-mail address, or job title, click the Edit Headeroption in the top section of the screen. As always, once you’ve made the changes, click on Save Settings.

Its also possible for Administrators to update details such as salutation, language, job title, department, phone and e-mail for s-users in the SAP User Management application. 

See KBA 1271545 – How to update S-User ID phone number, e-mail, time zone, language settings in the User Profile – SAP ONE Support Launchpad for more details 


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