Easy Navigation to Manage Pending Hires and Similar Pages

After the blog Navigate from custom tile to specific section in People Profile (including custom section) got published, I got a few queries around similar Navigation to Manage Pending Hire page.

This did boggle my mind and I would like to thank for sharing this requirement.

So, to navigate to Manage Pending Hires, we will use two (duplicate) tabs-

Tab 1- Manage Pending Hires page

Tab 2 – Manage Home Page.

in Manage Home Page, click on ‘Add Custom Tile’

Name the tile – Manage Pending Hires (or as per requirement) and click on Step 2.

Add a Title and Icon and click on step 3

In Navigation, select URL as Target. Copy paste full link of Manage Pending Hires (in Tab 1) and paste it in URL field. I mostly click Open Link in New Window Tab

After updating the Assignments, click on Save.

With this, once this tile is clicked, it is redirected to Manage Pending Hires.

P.S – I found it very useful for ‘View My Pending Requests’ , as this is part of ESS and nothing better than a ‘one click tile’ rather than remembering the Tool name.

Thank you Faisal Iqbal for helping with an easy yet meaningful subject line of this blog within a minute. Thank you for being so approachable.

Hope this is helpful!