What’s Next After the February News Updates About Master Data Governance?

… now that proven MDG experts have already blogged and informed you:

… reiterating for participants in the free trial of SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition that it is extremely helpful to read the Getting Started Guide first, which provides all you need to know about the initial log-on procedure.

… and that is that I’d like to make you aware of an upcoming SAP Community Call on March 11, 2021, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask SAP experts about the upcoming SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition and the approach of federated MDG. There’ll be a quick recap of the basics as outlined by the SAP Community blog posts mentioned above, but the main focus will be on giving you the opportunity to ask the SAP experts any questions you may have. Before the call, I’d like to ask you to please familiarize yourself with the upcoming deployment option SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition.

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To stay up to date with what’s going on in the SAP Master Data Governance, simply check the SAP Community Topic Page for SAP Master Data Governance on a regular basis and join the Q&A and discussion forum.