Mandatory Migration of COPY and DISAGG operator with IBP 2108 release

As announced in the 2102 What’s New documentation , the old COPY and DISAGG operators will be deprecated with 2108.

The “new” Copy Operator (Advanced) was introduced already with 2002 and has been improved very much since in regards to both functionality and performance.

Check the webinar “Meet the Expert: SAP Advanced Copy Operator: Benefits and Migration Plan” Recording and PDF on more details, plus consulting note 3024456  which summarizes the necessary steps

As of 2105 customer will not be able to create new COPY and DISAGG operators anymore.
The best solution is that you migrate your operators yourselves using the mass import action in the Copy Operator Profiles app, instead of waiting for the automated mass conversion. This will provide you with more time to test and to reduce the risk.

If you wait for the SAP-driven migration you at least need to check and correct inconsistent operators as described here: Preparing Automatic Migration