Explore the MDK Showcase apps

We have now made MDK Showcase apps available which demonstrate a specific feature or functionality within the MDK. These apps were originally built by our engineering team to demo a specific MDK feature and we decided to let our community benefit from it as well.

These apps are not intended as a full end-to-end application like what we have covered in tutorials (if you haven’t got a chance to try these out, we do highly recommend doing so).

Following are the first two showcase apps, and we will continue to add more over time:

  • Image Handling – learn how to store media entity to your offline store, download the media out from the offline store, display the media
  • Print and QR Codes– learn how to generate QR code (image) from text and print the image using non-UI NativeScript Plugin

These apps are made available under the SAP Sample Code license, which essentially means they are provided as-is, no warranties. Feel free to grab and reuse the portions of the app that seem useful to you.