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Social Commerce: What you need to know to succeed
Joanne Laing, Rick Hobbs & Lisa James

By 2027, it’s projected that social commerce will drive $604 billion in sales. Social commerce has been a game-changer for smaller brands, allowing them to easily compete in crowded marketplaces. However, now big retailers are hopping on board and making investments. Whether you’re a small start-up, or a global brand, social media is very likely to now be a key part of your sales strategy.
Join our SAP Experts for an interactive Q & A session as we delve into common questions around social commerce, opportunities in investment, and how to best leverage data and insights from across digital experiences to elevate your brand.

E-Commerce Trends 2021: What’s New and What’s Next
Lisa James

2020 brought an unprecedented year globally, especially in the world of e-commerce. As e-commerce has become an increasingly important part of everyday life for consumers and businesses worldwide, engagement models have evolved in response. Trends show that digital commerce is now essential for driving growth and revenue. But, adapting to increasingly unpredictable market forces is a challenge for many businesses across the globe.

Join our SAP e-commerce experts as they delve into the e-commerce trends that have made an impact in 2021 so far, and share their predictions for what to expect in the months ahead.


SAP Marketing Cloud 2102 | Supercharge Marketing with Virtual Events
Sathyanarayanan Ramesh

Virtual events have become the new normal in marketing events. This session shall discuss an approach to leverage the capabilities provided by SAP marketing cloud combined with ON24 platform to set up a demand generation mechanism and realize enhanced value for the investment made in conducting these events.

SAP Marketing Cloud | What’s New Series
SAP Marketing Cloud Product Management

Join the 2021 SAP Marketing Cloud What’s New Webcast Series for 2102, 2105 and 2108 with SAP Marketing Cloud Product Management. Learn about the latest developments in SAP Marketing Cloud and get first hand insights on new features and functions.


It‘s Time to Run Sales Campaigns
Dipaankkar Rai, Jean-Marie Temkeng Djoukang & Prasanth Arya

Scope your solution for Sales Campaign Execution and learn more about the following topics: Pre-requisites, Create & Activate E-mail Template, Create Target Group, Execution of Target Groups, Create Sales Campaign, Execute E-mail Sales Campaign, E-mail Sales Campaign Execution Results/Track Responses to E-Mail Sales Campaigns, Basic know how on Mail Bounces / SAP infrastructure setup


How to deliver a data-driven customer experience – Introducing SAP Customer Data Platform
Naomi Ko & Sergey Krayniy

Personalization, customer experience, customer data…we’ve known for a decade that it’s important, but still, organizations struggle with it. How do you unify all sources of customer data into actionable insights. How do you uncover revenue opportunities amidst all the customer data you possess. And how do you build trust and ensure the right data is routed to the right engagement systems? Hear from Sergey Krayniy, Head of Product for Customer Data for SAP CX, how SAP Customer Data Platform can empower you to deliver data-driven experiences.

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