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NEW feature now available.

Did you know? End-to-end, ready-to-run, online and offline demo scenarios are available for SAP Partners in the SAP Demo Store to position the capabilities bundled in RISE with SAP. To this end, and for ease of use, a new filter has been added to effortlessly find demo scenarios suitable for RISE with SAP.

This filter has also been applied to the “SAP Partner Demo Environment, shared option, Online Demo Scenarios” document.

We recently added 20 live and 100+ offline scenarios to the demo portfolio, giving our partners access to a total of now 400+ demos. Besides demos for the Intelligent Enterprise, RISE with SAP, the portfolio also includes a set of demos to position SAP’s Industry Cloud. Simply use the predefined search filters.

Not yet taking full advantage of accessing your free SAP Partner Demo Environment, shared option offering to expedite sales and show the power of the Intelligent Enterprise? Start your experience here. There’s more to come. Please check back regularly.