Current status of EHS

SAP is delivering a number of solutions. One is called

  • SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP ERP 6.0

The other is called:

  • Component Extension for SAP EHS Management 6.0

and one “new” solution is called:

Product Compliance in SAP S/4HANA

Refer to these Blogs:


The Blog

and any reference therein discuss mainly the “EHS” classic part. Many of the links used in this document are not working any more.

In the meantime SAP changed partially the approach.

Old stuff, which was not planned to be supported in the S/4 HANA environment, is as least now suported (may be for interim period only) (you will find here some discussions regarding this)

Examples are_ SAP EHS-OH => there is now an option to use in S/4 HANA

Further example: SAP EHS-WA => SAP looks for a new solution (currently not available) in S/4 HANA

So may be it is time to check the current status..

  • SAP has extended the maintenance period for SAP ERP (and other solutions).
  • SAP is still enhancing the new solution Product Compliance in SAP S/4HANA step by step (next version to be expectedt roughly september 2021)

But “legislation/regulation” is not “stopping” (new regulations come up etc.) and the last big challenge might be BREXIT (please check OSS Marketplace). You will find many OSS notes for many applications (e.g. EHS classic as well) trying to support SAP customers in the use of SAP ERP and similar solutions.

Currently any legal/regulatory demand: we can only suport by using EHS classic. So the challenge is always:

  • Do i have to provide a solution? (as SAP does not deliver a soluton in the Standard)
  • Is there any SERC content which can help?
  • etc.

If you (as company) look into the future (> 3 years) you should try to avoid (if possible) to prepare “modification” ets in EHS classic.

If you are planning to move later to “Product Compliance”.. then you should statrt checking your landscape etc. to get an first idea about the “size” of the challenge.

So we have now to wait for the next version of “Product Compliance” to check the status. And we can only hope that in the meantime no “REACH” or simialr stuf comes up with huge legal demand so that a new investment is needed in SAP ERP.

So ideally: try to get rid of “old stuff” which you do not need, try to simplify your IT landscape and try to simplify your processes now…

If you do not generate results: any of your old solutions must be compared with the existing options in “Product Compliance” solution.