Business ByDesign Service Order Confirmations in the employee time sheet

With SAP Business ByDesign release 2102, service confirmations for service orders will now be visible in the employee’s time sheet.

The work is recorded as a service confirmation, from the Field Service and Repair work center (for example). On Release of the service confirmation, a time entry gets created in the employee’s timesheet, with a reference to it.

Key benefits:

  1. Employee: This simplifies the time recording activity for the employee, removing the need to remember and maintain their time sheets based on the service orders they worked on.
  2. HR Administrators: It helps administrators get a more holistic picture of work done, and makes it easier to calculate employee utilization.

The service confirmations appear in the employee’s time sheet with a reference to the service order item and service confirmation. The employee can modify the time type, premium pay, start time and end time and other HR specific attributes that do not come from the service confirmation.

For release 2102, the service confirmation integration is available for the Internal Fulfillment use case only (ie, a employee is assigned as service performer for the service order). For service agents and intercompany scenarios, the service confirmations do not appear in the employee’s time sheet – this is part of the development roadmap for release 2105.

How it works :

Every line item of the service confirmation is reflected as a separate time entry in the employee’s timesheet.

Consider the service confirmation that we see below:

There are 2 service confirmations :

  1. Equipment Maintenance Inspections, which is a planned service – you can see it has a reference to a service order item
  2. Labour change – which is an unplanned line item – you can tell as it does not contain a reference.

These will result in two time entries in the employee’s time sheet – one for each service confirmation line item.

The data for the time recording entry is picked up from the Time Reporting Tab in the details section. Let us review this in detail from the screenshot below :

  1. The date of the time entry is picked from the start date / end date. For the time sheet integration, it is expected that the start date and end date is the same. Service confirmations that span multiple days are not supported in release 2102 – the user will receive an error message if they are different. The start time and end time are ignored.
  2. The Actual duration is what shows up as the duration field in the time entry. As of release 2102, only Hours are supported as the unit of measure of time. Other units like Days / Weeks etc would throw an error.
  3. The time entries are created in the time sheet of the Service Performer
  4. Fulfillment has to be internal for the service confirmation to be reflected in the timesheet. This is a limitation for release 2102.

Once the above service confirmation is released (with or without service confirmation), it would be visible in the employee’s timesheet. These time entries are already Active – they don’t have to be manually released by the employee. This is depicted in the screenshot below:

The references to the service order item appears in the Task column. For unplanned services, the reference is the header of the service order.

All the details that are transferred from the service confirmation are read-only. The employee can edit the Time Type, Premium Pay, Start time and End Time, as well as certain other attributes like the Country/State of time recording and the extension fields. Any update would be within the Time administration module itself, and would not reflect back in the service confirmation. Releasing these time entries would make them go to the Active state once again.

These time entries are available in the time recording reports, the data sources being HCMTLMU01 (for valuated time entries) and HCMTLMB01 (for the time sheet entries).

Custom checks within the Validate Times enhancement spot:

Some customers may have had customized validations created for time sheet entries, via the Validate Times enhancement spot. These validations are automatically executed on the release of the service confirmations, with the error messages are displayed on the service confirmations UI itself. This way, no time entries are created that would violate any of the custom validations that were put in.

Feature enablement:

This feature can be enabled via Business configuration, using a scoping option under the Questions Step for the Service and Repair Business Topic:

Limitations for release 2102 (some of which are currently under development) :

  1. Internal Fulfillment only: The service confirmation integration with the time sheet is only enabled for Internal fulfilment, ie, for employees of the same company as that as the provider of the service order. External fulfilment use cases are currently under development.
  2. Allowed Unit of Duration: The allowed unit of measure is hours. If the employee uses “Days” or “Weeks” in the Actual Duration field of the service confirmation, an error message will be displayed to the user.
  3. Single Day span: The service confirmation integration only allows reported time within a Day. The start date and the end date under the Time Reporting tab of the service confirmation has to be the same.
  4. Change of date of the time entry in the employee time sheet is not allowed – it can only be set by the service confirmation. The only way the user can change the date is by cancelling the service confirmation item and creating a new one.
  5. The employee will not be able to distribute work done to multiple days. The only way this can be done is by creating separate service confirmation line items, each having the required start / end date.
  6. No approval workflow for modified time entries – When an employee adjusts the time entries in the time sheet – entering a time type or premium pay for example, the time entries are set to Active when they are released.
  7. Mobile Time Recording App: The time entries are visible in the mobile time recording app, but are not editable like in the desktop time sheet. They are also currently appear as if the time entry refers a Sales Order. The enablement of the time recording app for these time entries is under development.

If you have any questions regarding the above feature, you can get in touch with me by either sending a private message, or by adding a comment below. If some of the limitations that are listed above are important to you, it would be really great if you could create an improvement request on our influence portal , and post the link in the comments section so that our readers can vote for it.

Thank you for reading !