Cross-Generational Mentorship 2020 – “Welcome to the world of Mentworking”

This year was challenging but we keep learning and SAP never fails to give us opportunities.
This time I got a platform where I am paired with different generation’s colleague with the goal of mutual learning and growth where multiple generations share experiences, skills, and knowledge, employees can create a bridge over Generation Gaps. Cross-generational mentoring took on these gaps head-first by opening communication between individuals with different views. This program assisted individuals to become familiar with each generation’s differences and strengths with mutual understanding and create a more positive and productive work environment.

I liked the mentor matching strategy of this program where we were asked to provide our areas of interest or roles and then we were mapped to the mentor based on that. It believes it must have been very challenging for the organising team. Everyone had both role mentor and mentee. ETs were encouraged to take the role as mentor and mentor generations were urged to listen as a mentee as ETs will have fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a lot of differences. Preparing for these inevitable changes within the organization will make the workforce more cohesive and successful.
Today the line between mentoring and networking are blurring.

It started with the Kick-off Meeting where CGM Team explained about the Program in-detail and insightful workshop on “Breaking Generational Myth” which filled me with a bucket of expectations and motivation. Before this meeting, I did not much idea what to expect with the program.

The experience turned out to be quite rewarding. I was paired with energetic, curious, willing to learn and share, early talent and mentor. For three months, my presuppositions included networking, know the outlook of leaders, how they do multitasking, efficient planning and career path. To keep it in the motion, we connected almost every Friday with more casual deep discussion. It was full of fun and I am carrying a lot of valuable items with me. It made me more competent to set my career path in the right direction.

The journey of this program with Captivating Milestones Names


What all we covered :

  • Various Opportunities to grow in SAP
  • Technical and Functional career growth
  • Various programmes were discussed
  • Know about Docker and Kubernetes
    1. How is it used in BAF?
  • What is Networking?
  • Resistance/Beliefs about Networking
  • Types of Networking (informational interviewing)
  • Steps of Networking & Practice
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • UX review and functional overview of Cloud Solution ByDesign
  • What coming Next: Employee Engagement Tool
  • Virtual Coffee corner
  • Discussion on Initiatives at SAP Labs India
  • Classified @ SAP
  • Discussion on strategy and organisation
  • It about the non-tech topic: Education and Coaching Culture in India
  • What makes SAP unique – How can we at SAP beat competitions
    1. Understanding of legal aspects
    2. Global practices for handling finance etc.
  • The year 2020 (New normal with Covid)
  • Technical paper discussion: Virtual Reality and its scope in various SAP solutions
    1. Business use case in the SAP world

I feel proud of being part of the mixed-age family.

Know more about Diversity & Inclusion @SAP:

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