Ideas for Stammtisch

Hi community!

Due pandemic situation many groups has started some virtual SAP Stammtisch events.

For example, in Barcelona we have started a virtual community with David Ruiz Badia and Lluis Salvador Suarez using discord. Thanks to being a virtual event we also have people from Mexico, Argentina, etc…

This community does one event per month where the members do presentations, quiz or follow-up related with SAP.

Normally this is and agenda:

We are also thinking of recording part of these sessions to publish on YouTube.

You can see more information at thanks to the website created by Lluis Salvador Suarez

Between events we also have an active community with some text channels on Discord where the members (actually more than 100) can ask questions or add interesting links.

With this post I would like to collect ideas from other Stammtisch to improve all Stammtisch communities.

For example, Communication technologies such as Skype / Zoom …, ideas for virtual events like quizzes, or collaborations.

All contributions will be very useful!

Thanks in advance!